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Sunrise, sunset and dusk over the Seas of Galicia

As so often before, I have embarked on a new stage in my work; this time, the subject is sunrise, sunset and dusk over the Seas of Galicia. Apart from a few exceptions, the entire series that I am working on are large formats inspired by small sketches made with pastel and drawn from my imagination, or, you could say, from imagery stored on my retina as a result of long periods of observation. I know myself well and I know that when I face nature or any other objective, I am so taken by the subject that I almost always end up producing overly high-flown art. So when at last I am alone in my studio and able to give free rein to my imagination while glancing at those sketches, I create the work, which, like nature, can sometimes be aggressive and sometimes instil tranquillity; that is to say, my art sometimes produces peace and sometimes produces certain restlessness, which, while far from my intention, is perhaps a reflection of my state of mind.

When the artist loses the surprise of its own capacity work your end is near